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This gemstone roller bottle set is the perfect accessory to your personalised essential oil collection. When gemstones and essential oils are combined with the user's personal energy field they harmonies and synchronise to bring about high frequency which can raise the body's frequency to levels that can have healing and wellness benefits. High energetic frequencies are the perfect ground for the body to ward off ailments and illnesses.

Along with the Tiger's Eye gemstone rollerball, this set also comes with a 10ml clear roller bottle adorned with a premium aluminium co-ordinated cap, which is approximately 1/3 full of Tiger's Eye gemstone chips. This set is accompanied by an individual instructional card detailing the wellness and emotionally supportive areas that this gemstone can support with suggested essential oils to compliment its use.

This beautiful set is can be used as the perfect gift set for an enrollee, friend, family or to celebrate achievements or support someone with an ailment or emotional support needs. Or why not beautify your personal blend.

We offer a variety of individual gemstone roller bottle sets which can be viewed here.

Tiger’s Eye: is the stone of protection and may also bring good luck to the wearer. It has the power to focus the mind, mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotion.

Note: Please note that our gemstone rollerballs are hand finished and may have natural variances in size, colour and appearance to those illustrated, some may release more or less oil. Roll in palm of the hand several times to lubricate them and apply in accordance with the desired flow.

Contents: 1 x Tiger's Eye gemstone rollerball, 10ml clear roller bottle approximately 1/3 full of Tiger's Eye gemstone chips, co-ordinated aluminium cap & instructional card.

Note:  Roller bottles are not intended to be stored on their sides. It is recommended to store roller bottles upright to avoid any potential leakage.



Tiger's Eye Gemstone Roller Bottle Set

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